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Kings Road Hack Box v1.8

Kings Road Hack Box v1.8

Princess Emma disappeared, and once-loyal knights of plotting to seize power, while all kinds of animals and bandits terrorizing the kingdom! It’s not even in beta testing, but the upcoming KingsRoad, Diablo-esque action-RPG set in the troubled land of epic fantasy Deveral already looks amazing. Players will fight enemies and collect gold and treasures in the world, which extends to the forests, mountains and more – and yet everything is completely based on Flash technology and is done in the browser.
The game on display in the announcement trailer looks surprisingly good, as well as photos, art, and the concept of property in the game that have been released by the developer Kingsroad Rumble. Games will boast “a new generation of 3D graphics,” in real time based combat skills and many other features previously only seen in conventional PC and console games.

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Last Working on:




  • Unlimited Gold 
  • Unlimited Gems



Name: Kings Road Hack Box

Version: 1.8

Size: 2.3MB

Price: Free

Total Downloads: 812




  1. Download and launch Hack Tool
  2. Select your browser and connect with your facebook account
  3. Choose and check cheats
  4. Click “Start” and wait few seconds
  5. Enjoy! :) Come back to game



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